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Replacement order
If an item of your choice should be out of stock, you can place a replacement order at no extra cost in your shop. We will deliver the article to any ORSAY store of your choice. The order does not oblige you to complete the purchase. The offer is subject to availability while stock lasts.


ORSAY articles can be reserved for up to one day at no cost and without obligation to buy. Reservation does not oblige you to complete the purchase.


Gift Vouchers / Gift Boxes
We are pleased to issue you gift vouchers in any desired amount.At your request you can receive small and large gift boxes at no extra cost at the cash desk. 

Our service in the stores and in the online shop


We are constantly increasing our range in the larger sizes 42 and 44. In the Online shop you will easily find these sizes available. In our shops you have the possibility to place repeat orders for clothing in larger sizes if necessary.


ORSAY fashion offers optimum fit and therefore excellent comfort in wearing. With a variety of design sizes and optimum cut, we guarantee the perfect fit for every figure. Every item in our collection is judged on our standard size mannequin before going into production.


Exchange / Return
You may return items you have bought in one of our stores within two weeks. Upon receipt you will be refunded.
You may return items ordered at our ONLINE SHOP on within 14 days from receipt. Upon showing a goods return note you can return items in any ORSAY store. You can choose another item or the value of the goods can be refunded in cash. Otherwise, you can send all items together with the goods return note back to

Our service in the online shop


Delivery charges
Our ONLINE SHOP offers our customers in Germany, Austria and Poland the opportunity to order quickly and easily via the Internet.  

Gift vouchers
You can order special gift vouchers worth 10€, 25€, 50€, 75€ and 100€ online.



Quality is of major significance at ORSAY. We make an effort to offer good quality at the best price every day. All references of the ORSAY collection undergo a whole host of tests. Only when the goods have successfully passed all tests can they be offered for sale. Despite showing the utmost care, if we have failed to detect a problem with quality and you should subsequently not be satisfied with an item, our sales team will be pleased to be of assistance at all times.
All items are measured, production is checked, wash tests are conducted to analyse shrink factors, loss of colour and bleeding. In addition, different Lab test are conducted according to the style of clothing, such as:
Zip test: Before manufacture, zips are tested for their durability.


Rub test

Materials or products are checked in dry and wet conditions as well as before and after washing.


Dye stuffs/Harmful substances

Buttons, blanks, zips and similar elements are tested for their chemical composition. They must comply with the legal requirements of the European Union regarding means of manufacture and contents.

If, despite all our attention, you should notice any quality problem and you are not satisfied with an item after purchase, our sales team is at your disposal.

Here you find tips for making sure that you will enjoy your clothes for a long time.

Care instructions


Here you find tips for making sure that you will enjoy your clothes for a long time.

Store dirty laundry in a dry place and not too long. Wash dark and deep clothes separately, for they tend to bleed. Keep in mind the material and colour of your clothes when you choose your washing agent.


Never expose your laundry to direct sunlight. Stretch clothes gently into shape before drying. Heavy knitwear should be dried flat. Make sure that there is a sufficient air supply.


Please keep in mind the fabric care symbols before using bleaching agents. Follow instructions. Do not use metal containers to soak clothes in. Soak clothes for one hour only.


Set the temperature according to the care label instructions. Slightly damp clothes are easier to iron. Use warm water for spraying; it will draw in the fibres faster than cold water. Let the clothes cool off before putting them away in your cupboard.

Stain treatment


To make sure that you continue to enjoy your clothes, we want to give you a few practical tips on stain treatment. As a general rule, the fresher the stain is, the easier it is to remove. For regular stains you usually do not need special chemical solutions; conventional cleaning products also do a very good job.

Blood: Rinse blood stains immediately with cold water. Rub persistent and older bloodstains thoroughly with soapy water and soak them in salty water. 

Candle wax: Iron a couple of times between sheets of blotting paper (or other absorbent paper). Treat residual wax stains with spirit.

Chewing gum: Put clothes in the freezer until chewing gum hardens. Then break off and scrape (e.g. with a knife or a razorblade). You can also use ice cubes.

Chocolate: Milk is the best remedy here: soak and wash out in warm suds.

Coffee: First use hot water on the stain and then rinse out with cold water.

Cola: Fresh stains are easy to remove: just wash them as usual. For older stains dissolve some mild detergent in mineral water and pre-treat the coke stain with it.

Curry: These stains are hard to remove: first rinse the curry stain with lukewarm water and then rub it with spirit or alcohol-based spirit (Eau de Cologne). Sensitive fabrics should be only dabbed carefully. Then wash as usual.

Egg: Rinse out yolk and egg white stains as fast as possible. Never use hot water!

Grease and oil: Treat with ox-gall soap or washing-up liquid before washing. Rub persistent stains and machine oil with alcohol or spirit. Sprinkle fresh grease stains with potato starch and then brush.

Honey: First rinse out with lukewarm water and then wash in suds.

Ice cream: Dab with spirit and then rinse with lukewarm water.

Jam: Wipe out with a cloth soaked in warm water. In the case of persistent stains use suds or alcohol.

Juice: Douse with mineral water and rinse out immediately with lukewarm water. For older juice stains use ox-gall soap or curd soap. Lay the clothes in the sun to bleach.

Ketchup: Treat with warm suds or use a liquid detergent before washing.

Rust stains: Treat with lemon and salt. Lay in the sun and let them soak in for a few hours. Then rinse out.

Red wine: The best thing to do is to cover the stain immediately with plenty of salt (for velvet and silk, use starch) and to pour lemon juice on the wine stain. Pre-treat persistent stains with wine spirit or soak in buttermilk overnight.
Tea: Rinse with lukewarm water. Treat persistent tea stains with ox-gall soap.

White wine: Sprinkle with plenty of salt and rinse with hot water.

Fabric treatment


Every material is different and has to be treated accordingly. Here you will find the correct care tips for the fabrics we use.

Acetate, Viscose...
To keep these clothes in shape, it is better to not use spin-drying. Do not exceed the recommended ironing temperature. The best thing to do here is to put a damp cloth on the fabric and iron the clothing preferably inside out. These fabrics are very comfortable to wear and have a silky splendour.

Never wash too warm, otherwise it will shrink quickly. Deep colours should be washed separately. Cotton can be ironed with at a high temperature setting.

The typical dyeing technique which is used leaves tiny colour pigments, which can bleed even in dry conditions. Always wash your clothes inside out, to preserve the original colour.

This natural fibre contracts quickly if wet. On being ironed, the clothing gets its original shape back. Iron linen with a maximum temperature. This will produce a splendid result.

Polyester, Nylon, Elastan, Polyacryl...
Don’t wash and iron clothes of synthetic fibres too hot, as they are very heat-sensitive. Iron clothes at low setting with very little steam. These materials are hard-wearing and crease resistant.


Never wash wool at high temperatures, as it will shrink quickly. To keep its original shape, it is best to dry wool flat. Most wool products need hand washing.