31.07.2008  |  Press release

“Thank God I’m a woman”: Motto of the new ORSAY campaign


On the highly competitive market of clothes for young women, with our immediate competition visibly present in the media, ORSAY stresses its brand identification starting from the autumn-winter 08/09 season and offers an emotional promise to women. The campaign is supposed to enhance our image achieved through “The feminine style” slogan by an emotional accent matching the market trend and attract both current ORSAY customers and new ones.

The new phase of the “Thank God I’m a woman!” campaign (onset: August 2008) presents a self-confident, sincere woman, who enjoys her life. She doesn’t wait for anyone to offer her the sky, she doesn’t hesitate to reach it herself. Other people are captivated by her intuition, sensuality and charm. She knows her strengths and weaknesses. She is the way she is - she is herself.

ORSAY feminine fashion and style help her underline her conscious womanhood. She lives to the fullest and has it written all over her face:
“Thank God I’m a woman!”

The new ORSAY slogan is a homage to women. This new idea is designed to fill the subject of womanhood with deepness and emotions. The new features of an ORSAY woman are self-confidence and an expression of femininity.

The new campaign was organised together with the thinknewgroup udn of the famous fashion photographer Iris Brosch. ORSAY chose to work with Iris Brosch, because she supports the new image of women in advertisements. “I don’t believe that a woman has to give up her intelligence to be interesting for a photographer. Such attitude would make us create a generation of mindless and soulless women,” the photographer says about her own work.

Nicole Maier
Communication & PR
Tannenstraße 20, 77731 Willstätt
email: nicole.maier@orsay.de